Know Before You Go & ACCG's Commitment to Safety

The health and safety of Georgia’s county officials and all other conference attendees (vendors, exhibitors, invited guests, etc.) is priority to ACCG. The County Reconnect Conference was planned with diligence and intention to create a conference environment where attendees can feel safe and comfortable as we continuously learn how to navigate the ever-changing circumstances resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. We appreciate your continued patience and understanding as the ACCG staff works behind the scenes to ensure a successful event for all.

Below are a few important things to note in preparation for the conference:

Masks/Face Coverings and Communicating Your Comfort Level

ACCG is constantly monitoring all relative and applicable public health data, statistics, and trends. For fully vaccinated attendees, masks/face coverings are not required but are encouraged. For attendees who are not vaccinated, ACCG strongly encourages the wearing of a mask/face covering.

Physical distancing will be expected to be maintained when and where possible. All conference attendees will have the opportunity to pre-select a color-coded lanyard that signifies their comfort level. Regardless of vaccination status, ACCG strongly encourages ALL ATTENDEES to have a mask/face/covering with them at all times. When an attendee is engaged with or interacting with another attendee who is wearing a YELLOW or RED lanyard, we ask that you respect that person’s expressed level of comfort with respect to Covid and wear your mask/face covering throughout the period of interaction.


Savannah Convention Center Renovations and Transportation

The Savannah Convention Center is currently undergoing renovations for its expansion which will be completed over the next three (3) years. Please be mindful that the ongoing renovations have impacted on-site parking availability, as the number of parking spaces has been dramatically reduced. Additionally, there is no public parking in Bryan Square (the area in front of the convention center) except for handicapped individuals and VIP guests.

ACCG strongly encourages attendees to utilize conference hotel shuttle services for travel to and from the convention center. The water taxi is another option for conference transportation. Please regularly monitor this page for transportation schedules for hotel shuttles and the water taxi.

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